Sunshine Coast Mowers stock a range of Augers and Auger parts.  Please browse through the products shown and contact us if you have any questions or require assistance. 

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Stihl Earth Auger Bit for BT360

Earth Auger Bits for all ground types. 700mm long Suits BT 360 Bit heads are cast from a single p..

$636.10 Ex Tax: $578.27

Stihl Plant Spiral Earth Auger Bit

Special drill bit for drilling bore holes for plants. Cylindriacl shape Suits BT 121 and BT 130 5..

$392.20 Ex Tax: $356.55

Stihl Planting Auger bits for BT 45

Planting Auger Bits for BT 45 590mm long Options: 3" (76mm) 4" (102mm) 5" (127mm) ..

$201.10 Ex Tax: $182.82

Stihl Shaft Extensions for BT121, BT 130 & BT 360

450mm long Suits BT 121 and BT 130 and BT 360 Options: 450mm length (BT 121 and BT 130) 500mm ..

$136.50 Ex Tax: $124.09

Stihl Soil Loosener Auger Bit

Special drill bit for loosening soil and planting. Suits BT 121 and BT 130 660mm long 260mm / 10"..

$423.20 Ex Tax: $384.73

Stihl Wood Drill bits for BT 45

Wood Drill Bits for BT 45 Options: 320mm long: - 13mm 460mm long: - 19mm - 22mm - 25mm ..

$68.70 Ex Tax: $62.45