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We stock a wide range of Stihl Garden Tools and Masport Garden Tools for both home and professional use.

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Stihl Entry Level Secateurs

Entry level model for trimming. Alluminium body with coating for comfortable working in cold weather..

$20.30 Ex Tax: $18.45

Stihl Sharpening Stone and Whetstone

For all universal sharpening and whetting tasks. Two sided with coarse and fine grain. For use wit..

$23.50 Ex Tax: $21.36

Stihl Secateur Belt Pouch

STIHL Secateur Holster Sturdy holster for secateurs or folding saws. Incoporates belt loop and ..

$29.25 Ex Tax: $26.59

Stihl PRECISION Universal Hooks (for Precision Shaft)

For PRECISION telescopic pole. A real problem solver in the garden. Push, pull or rock branches, gro..

$30.70 Ex Tax: $27.91

Stihl PRECISION Fruit Picker (for Precision Shaft)

For PRECISION telescopic pole. Harvesting your fruit? Our fruit picking attachment makes picking fru..

$41.40 Ex Tax: $37.64

Stihl Universal Secateurs

Sturdy, fully-forged universal model for trimming. With a chrome-coated, corrosion-resistant pruner ..

$47.80 Ex Tax: $43.45

Stihl Forest Knife

Ideal companion in the forest. 420 stainless steel blade. Blade length 8.2cm. Total length 19.8cm. B..

$50.00 Ex Tax: $45.45

Stihl Anvil Secateurs

Strong anvil model for hard wood, plastic profiles or hoses. Easy-to-replace, non-stick coated blade..

$53.20 Ex Tax: $48.36

Stihl HANDYCUT Folding Saw

Folding Japanese 17cm saw blade made of carbon steel, chromium-plated surface. Robust, ergonomically..

$54.10 Ex Tax: $49.18

Stihl HANDYCUT Folding Saw - 16cm - New Model

For quick and precise sawing, the Stihl HANDYCUT folding saw features a 16cm 3 side Japanese blade w..

$54.10 Ex Tax: $49.18

Stihl Forestry Hatchet

40cm, 600g. Light forestry hatchet for occasional pruning work and splitting small pieces of cordwoo..

$55.50 Ex Tax: $50.45

Stihl Pruning Saw

Sharp, long-lasting 32 cm saw blade made of tempered carbon steel for forestry, orchards, etc. Clust..

$70.00 Ex Tax: $63.64

Stihl Forestry Axe

60cm. 1,000g. Light forestry axe for gardening and forestry work. Highly suitable for pruning work. ..

$77.30 Ex Tax: $70.27

Stihl Bypass Pruning Shears

Classic entry-level model with robust forged blades with sap groove. Cutting head with internal oil ..

$79.60 Ex Tax: $72.36

Stihl Professional Secateurs

Fully-forged, chrome-plated professional model for trimming. Blade with wire cutter, easy to replace..

$79.60 Ex Tax: $72.36

Stihl Hand Lifting Tongs

For moving wood. Angled handle for ergonomic position when dragging. Hardened tips. Jaw size: 20cm ..

$81.50 Ex Tax: $74.09

Stihl MEGACUT Pruning Saw

For quick and precise sawing Ø up to 8 cm, 3-sided Japanese blade, impulse hardened and chrome-plate..

$88.30 Ex Tax: $80.27

Stihl PRECISION Caterpillar Shears (for Precision Shaft)

For PRECISION telescopic pole. Make manual tree lopping easy with these caterpillar motion shears. S..

$94.60 Ex Tax: $86.00

Stihl Hedge Shears

For soft to extremely tough hedges and shrubs. Specially coated serrated cutters with sap grooves, c..

$101.00 Ex Tax: $91.82

Stihl PRECISION Saw (for Precision Shaft)

For PRECISION telescopic pole. High-quality saw attachment that can be combined with the telescopic ..

$105.60 Ex Tax: $96.00

Stihl ANVIL Pruning Shears

Easy-to-handle pruning shears for cutting hard or dead wood. Non-stick coated blades prevent jamming..

$132.00 Ex Tax: $120.00

Stihl 1926 Forestry Hatchet

Forestry hatchet made from high-quality materials in an exclusive design. This special edition featu..

$132.90 Ex Tax: $120.82

Stihl Cleaving Axe

80cm, 2,800g. With hickory handle, impact protection sleeve and safety plate. Highly suitable for ea..

$132.90 Ex Tax: $120.82

Stihl Bush Hook

74cm, 1.500g. With hickory handle 45cm. For thinning shrubs, scrub or small branches. With rear cu..

$134.00 Ex Tax: $121.82

Stihl PRECISION Telecopic Shaft

Our new telescopic pole is ideal for landscapers on the move and homeowners needing extra reach - up..

$136.50 Ex Tax: $124.09

Stihl Felling Lever

For tipping the tree over the felling hinge in the intended direction. With a cant hook for turning ..

$150.00 Ex Tax: $136.36

Stihl DYNAMIC Bypass Pruning Shears

Premium version of the bypass pruning shears with precision-ground steel blades for trimming witho..

$158.00 Ex Tax: $143.64

Stihl SUPER TURBOCUT Telecopic Saw - Blade

A cut above the rest. Our professional telescopic extension pole and saw blade combination will easi..

$158.30 Ex Tax: $143.91