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Honda UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter

Honda UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter
Honda UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter
  • Brand: Honda
  • Model: UMS425
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introducing the UMS425 Bent Shaft



Honda UMS425 Hero

Powered by the Generation II, Mini 4-Stroke GX25 engine, the UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter features Honda's famous one-pull easy starting for hassle-free starting every time.

It uses unleaded fuel so you'll never have to mix oil and fuel again, unlike 2-Stroke competitors. This model is Honda Australia's highest-selling product. Not only are more UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutters sold than any other Power Equipment product, but they're more popular than any Honda motorcycle, motor vehicle or outboard engine!


Honda UMS425 GX25 Engine

The UMS425 Bent Shaft uses unleaded fuel so you'll never get dirty mixing oil and fuel again. Honda leads the world with revolutionary mini 4-Stroke engines that deliver more power and use less oil than its messy 2-stroke counterparts.

The unique mini 4-Stroke engines deliver power, performance and reliability that no 2-Stroke can match.

And superior engineering means the Honda UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter produces less noise and smoke than the competition, making itmuch more environmentally friendly with low emissions, less noise and low fuel consumption.


Honda UMS425 Performance

With its auto-decompression, electronic ignition, anti-flood primer system, and Honda's famous one-pull easy-start system, the UMS425 Bent Shaft starts first time, every time, year after year.

An easy-grip loop handle, lightweight construction and bent shaft for excellent manoeuvrability make operation a breeze.

It's no wonder that Honda often hears from customers whose UMS425's have lasted decades!


UMS425 Warranty

Not only backed by a network of over 450 authorised Honda dealers around Australia, the UMS425 Bent Shaft Brushcutter comes with a 4 year Domestic Warranty, supporting you and your lawn for the life of your investment.

And for contractors and commercial gardeners, the UMS425 Bent Shaft matches all of Honda's other Brushcutter warranties, with a 3-year Commercial Engine Warranty and 1-year Commercial Frame Warranty.


The ultra-lightweight GX25 mini 4-stroke efficently delivers the kind of efficient cleaner, powerful, quiet performance that you'd expect from a larger engine but in a very compact package

Honda's range of Brushcutters prove yet again we lead the world in revolutionary engine technology

Their ultra-compact, lightweight design means they're easier to handle and will keep you working longer with less fatigue


Delivers excellent torque and performance via an all-new Generation II, GX25 4-stroke engine. The worlds lightest OHC engine

Full 360° "any-side-up" operation - use and store in any position


Added protection with safety goggles


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