Mower Repair and Service Specialists

At Sunshine Coast Mowers our service and repair staff will provide you a professional service to ensure that your lawnmower is correctly serviced and any repairs are carried out to your satisfaction.

Sunshine Coast Mowers has a team of trained product specialists, and support from the manufactures to ensure your product is correctly serviced.

We will servicve and repair all Push Mowers and Self-propelled from Honda, Masport, Rover, Victa, and any other Push or Self-propelled mowers

We recommend that our basic service be carried out on your machine every 50hrs or twelve months.

  • Check blades and replace if needed
  • Remove carburettor and disassemble and clean all jets and passages
  • Check Starter cord and replace if needed
  • Remove and replace Spark Plug
  • Drain oil and replace with Genuine oil for your engine type
  • Replace the air filter with a new Genuine one for your engine type or clean
  • Check the throttle cable and replace if needed or adjust.
  • Check tyres & wheel alignment
  • Clean machine


Our staff can also assist in determining if your trusty mower has had it's day and it is time to upgrade.