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Atom Blower 858

Atom Blower 858
Atom Blower 858
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Atom Blower - 858

Extra lightweight, very powerful, full professional very comfortable anti-vibration rubber grip handle, springs mounted, with lever incremental cruise control combined with stop switch. Commercial engine (500+ hours).


  • Atom AIRLIFT very light weight. 3.5kg (when angled blower is at full blast)
  • New Atom technology delivers massive air blast with Atom SMARTFAN (Pats. Pend.)
  • Professional steel springs anti-vibration rubber grip handle (Pats. Pend.)
  • Trigger throttle also with cruise control feature
  • Honda engine enhanced for extreme hot conditions to 42°C
  • Attachments – vacuum, roof gutter cleaner, sprayer-mister (optional extras)
  • Very user friendly
  • No wrist twisting from massive air blast
  • Single easy-to-use combination cruise control / stop switch system
Blower Specifications
Air Throughput 890 m3/hr
Airspeed 335 km/hr
Engine Specifications
Displacement 26cc
Power Output 0.9 kW @ 1.2 HP
Dimension Specifications
Weight 4.2 kg

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