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15 Oct It’s Bindi Season on The Sunshine Coast - Here is What You Need To Know.
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Ouch! – It’s the sound of summer in South East Queensland as the annual Bindi weed season rolls around once more and gardeners of all ages venture out..
24 Sep How to Mix 2-Stroke fuel for your equipment
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If you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, you know the importance of fuel types and ratios to the engine. So, why should your gardening equipment be an..
20 Aug Choosing The Right Mower For Your Needs
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At some stage in your life you’re going to have to buy a lawn mower. It’s one of those essential items every homeowner needs, like a fridge or a couch..
30 Jul How to choose the right water pump for you needs
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There are hundreds of different water pump models on the market, and it can be daunting. Here we are going to talk you through how to choose the righ..
15 Jun Cleaning up the yard in Winter
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“ZUUOOOMMM” Do you ever feel jealous of your neighbour when they are standing at the edge of their driveway blowing the dead leaves onto the street? ..
22 May Using a Log Splitter for your winter firewood
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Here on the Sunshine Coast, winter is the time for wood-fired pizzas and sitting around a fire pit in your backyard. Our winters are warm enough to st..
24 Apr The new Z700 & Z900 Range from John Deere
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A new era in durable, zero-turn lawn mowers for residential acreages and larger properties has arrived - and it doesn’t disappoint.The new Z700 & Z900..
29 Mar How to stay sun safe while gardening
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As anyone who works outside knows; sun safety and hydration are no joke. Here on the Sunshine Coast we are exposed to long, drawn-out and hot summers...
25 Feb Briggs & Stratton P2200 Inverter Generator – Camping & Caravanning
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Shhhh... Can you hear it? That’s the Briggs & Stratton P2200 Inverter Generator starting up in the Sunshine Coast Mower’s Maroochydore store. As one o..
04 Jan Sharpening a Hedge Trimmer
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For maintaining formal hedges or creating uniform pruning lines, a powered hedge trimmer is the tool for the task.But what happens when your favourite..
04 Dec Generators dos and don’ts
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It’s the holiday season, and for many Queenslanders, that means getting out to the great outdoors for some well-earned R ‘n R.Camping is one of our fa..
22 Nov How to spot a blunt Chainsaw
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First things first. When did you last use your chainsaw? Last month? Last year?A blunt chainsaw may not seem like a big deal when you start up the eng..
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