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HYUNDAI DHY6000SERS (Remote Start) Generator

HYUNDAI DHY6000SERS (Remote Start) Generator
HYUNDAI DHY6000SERS (Remote Start) Generator
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HYUNDAI DHY6000SERS (Remote Start) Generator


The Hyundai DHY6000SERS 6.5 KVA Generator is one of the best-selling products in the diesel generator category, providing efficient and reliable standby power to your home or office premises whenever regular power is not available.

The DHY6000SERS is powered by Hyundai’s efficient, low emission, 4 stroke D420 10hp engine and produces 5.2kW of clean power to your home or business. The large 16 litre fuel tank can provide up to 16 hours of run time @ 50% load and the DHY6000SERS has the ability to run off red diesel making it even more cost effective.


Powered by a 10 BHP Hyundai D400 diesel engine, the Hyundai DHY6000SERS 6.5 KVA diesel generator can provide 5.2kW of power to run your home or office machineries.

To use this Hyundai standby generator to its full potential, making use of the ATS port is recommended. Having the generator connected to an ATS system means the generator will turn on and connect automatically if mains power fails and will also turn itself off when mains is restored. With this special feature, you can fulfill your power requirement without any inconvenience.

With added AVR technology, this Hyundai 16 liters generator can be used to power delicate electronics such as computers and lab equipment. The output of the generator is very smooth and stable with no sharp spikes or surges from the output. Using as little as 1 liter of bio fuel per hour, this less-noisy generator is an extremely cost effective way of keeping you and your business unit on run.


The Hyundai DHY6000SERS diesel generator is an electric start diesel generator ideally suitable for standby use for houses and small business units. If you rely on electricity to run the manufacturing unit then nothing is better than this Hyundai diesel generator. The Genset is capable of offering back-up to a number of electrical equipment for hours.


The DHY6000SERS is part of the Hyundai silent range so is a quiet generator and comes with a sound attenuated canopy to reduce overall noise levels making it suitable for domestic or low noise areas.

The canopy has large, hinged access panels to make routine maintenance and inspection much easier and is mounted on wheels for ease of movement.

Honda EU10i
Engine Specifications
Displacement 418 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 L
Fuel Type Diesel
Operating Noise Level 74dB(A) @ 7m
Power Output 5.2kW/6.5kVA
Starting System Electric (silenced) + 2 Wire Remote Start
Dimension Specifications
Length x Width x Height 960 x 560 x 740 (mm)
Weight 152 kg

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