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Toro - Workman MDX INTL Vehicle

Toro - Workman MDX INTL Vehicle
Toro - Workman MDX INTL Vehicle
  • Brand: Toro
  • Model: 07235TC
Ex Tax: $16,259.54

Toro - Workman MDX INTL Vehicle

The Workman MD Series with SRQ combines a coil-over shock absorber suspension design with an Active In-Frame twister joint. These features deliver superior ride quality for optimum operator comfort and control.

The upgraded suspension and steering make the new Workman MDX easier and more comfortable to operate and control. Improved braking performance and the double-walled polyethylene tray for better uv protection are some of the features in the new Workman MDX. The new rack and pinion steering reduce steering effort by over 60%, while also tightening the feel. The hefty payload capacity and four-wheel hydraulic brakes combine with SRQ to provide enhanced productivity to tackle the toughest jobs.

The Workman MDX has the power and versatility to help you do more, with more!


  • SRQ - Superior Ride Quality
  • Active In-Frame Twister Joint
  • Operator/Passenger Platform
  • Payload Capacity
  • Rugged Body Styling
  • Durable Plastic Cargo Bed
  • Comfort
  • Engine Power
Engine Specifications
Displacement 480 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 24.6 L
Power Output 16 HP @ 11.93 kW
Dimension Specifications
Weight 750 kg

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